BI Supports Free Food Operation in Batam

Bank Indonesia (BI) handed over hundreds of food packages to ACT which later will be distributed to underprivileged people in various locations in Batam. The assistance was a joint effort in overcoming the pandemic impact.

BI Assistance
Symbolic handover of food package assistance from BI through ACT Batam. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – Acts of kindness from various parties to overcome the pandemic impact continue to come. On Saturday (10/9/2021), Bank Indonesia of Riau Islands provided food packages for hotel staff affected by the pandemic. Hundreds of fo packages were received by the Chairman of the Indonesian Batam Hotel and Restaurant Association, M. Mansyur.

Among hundreds of food packages provided by Bank Indonesia for hotel staff in Batam, 267 of them were entrusted to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and will be distributed to other impoverished residents. Branch Manager of ACT Riau Islands, Rahmat Hidayat, said that the package distribution from BI will target impoverished residents affected by the pandemic in various locations in Batam.

“We and ACT want to thank BI who have delivered these food packages. In the future, hopefully, humanitarian collaboration can continue to assist the wider community,” said Rahmat.

Food packages from BI will be part of ACT’s Free Food Operation as one of the measures to deal with the pandemic impact in the food sector. Its distribution has also spread and targeted many people including in Batam where its residents are separated by water.

“ACT has provided the best food packages from benefactors’ donations to residents in Batam including those who live on small islands around Batam. We did it because it’s not only people in urban cities who are affected by the pandemic but also those who live on islands,” added Rahmat.[]