Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru Hands Over Donations for Palestine to ACT

Many communities in South Kalimantan continue to show their concern for Palestine. Recently, Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru handed over donations for Palestine to Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru
Members of Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru after handing over aid to ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Support for Palestine from the people of South Kalimantan continues to be declared. Saturday (6/19/2021), Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru  distributed donations through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in South Kalimantan. The handover of aid was carried out directly by the General Chairperson of Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru, Eko Setiono, to the Branch Manager of ACT South Kalimantan, Zainal Arifin.

Alhamdulillah, we have received trust from friends and donors to deliver aid to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Today, we partner with ACT to implement the second batch of the donation. Hopefully, this donation can ease the burden of our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” said Eko.

Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru raised funds from selling clothes for the past month. The profit from the sales is donated to help the brothers and sisters in Palestine. Some donors also voluntarily donate additional money.

“We started raising funds when the attack on Gaza began about a month ago. Most of the donors are members of Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru. There were also non-members who also donated," explained Eko.

ACT South Kalimantan Branch Manager Zainal Arifin welcomed the efforts made by Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru. This assistance was a proof of concern of the Indonesian people, especially in South Kalimantan, for the Palestinian people who are living under occupation by Israel.

“The Palestinians still need our help and care. ACT is promoting a recovery program in Gaza, Palestine. We are trying to support the people of Gaza, especially in their economy, health, and agriculture," said Zainal.

Zainal adds assistance from Bikers Subuhan Banjarbaru will be distributed directly to Gaza. In addition, Zainal hopes that more people in South Kalimantan will participate in helping the Palestinian people.[]