Bintan Residents Warmly Welcome Qurbani Distribution in Their Area

This year, Global Qurban-ACT distributes its qurbani meat across Indonesia, reaching the remote parts of the country, including Bintan in Riau Islands.

qurbani meat
Distribution of qurbani meat among children in Bintan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BINTAN – This year, Global Qurban-ACT has again expanded the distribution of qurbani meat to various areas both at home and abroad. The target locations include poor countries and countries that have been torn by conflict. In Indonesia, the distribution targets include poverty-stricken communities on the outer islands of the country.

One of the qurbani distribution locations in Indonesia was Bintan in Riau Islands. A warm welcome was expressed by the residents living on the remote island. Unlike the residents of the urban areas, they rarely enjoy qurbani meat.

“It has been about three years that there has been no slaughter of qurbani animals. Some of us used to receive qurbani distribution from other areas, but not all of us could enjoy it," said Abdul Jamal, a resident of Teluk Merbau, Bintan Regency, Friday (7/23/2021).

At Eid al-Adha 2021, Global Qurban-ACT came with qurbani animals that the locals slaughtered themselves. The sacrifice of these animals enlivened the Eid celebration and revived the religious activity in the local mosque that has not been used for 11 years. They hoped that his mosque can be filled with religious activities again like it used to be.

"Volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia and Jiwa Archery Community who entrust their sacrificial animals through Global Qurban-ACT helped deliver the qurbani animals to Bintan," explained Remy Maulada Hadie from Global Qurban-ACT Tanjungpinang Program Department.

Global Qurban – ACT Tanjungpinang distributed qurbani to remote areas that are rarely reached by qurbani distribution. The majority of beneficiaries are traditional fishermen with uncertain incomes. Thus, the presence of qurbani meat, even the slaughter carried out in their village, is a moment that is greatly missed. []