Biyombong Villagers Long for Clean Water in Dry Season

In Biyombong Hamlet, Pantai Bahagia Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi Regency, clean water was scarce, especially during long dry seasons. They have to rely on the murky water from Citarum river and buy gallons of water for consumption.

The residents of Biyombong Village using the Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI REGENCY - Pantai Bahagia Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi Regency, is located not too far from the capital city. From Jakarta, it only takes about 2 hours to reach Muara Gembong District.

Sadly, it does not have enough sanitary facilities. Many hamlets in Pantai Bahaga Village, which is located on the north coast of Java, have difficulty getting clean water, including Biyombong Hamlet.

"During a long drought, Kampung Biyombong is severely affected. In this situation, the locals only rely on the murky water from from Citarum River,” said M. Nurul Ramadhan from the Global Wakaf  - ACT. He added that the locals have to buy clean water for IDR 7,000 a gallon.

In addition, the village only has limited sanitary facilities. Many of them did not have their own toilets, forcing them to defecate in the Citarum River.

The inauguration of the Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

"In Biyombong Village, out of 300 houses, only 40 have proper toilets. The rest usually defecate in a small room made of sacks and woven bamboo, built over the Citarum river,” said Nurul.

The construction of the Waqf Well and its supporting facilities by Global Wakaf – ACT has assisted the locals in facing the long dry season. The construction finished on Monday (8/3) and it can be immediately used by local residents.

"Alhamdulillah, with a depth of 90 meters, the well can benefit around 59 households. We hope that this Waqf Well can ease the clean water crisis that the locals face," said Nurul.

Amir, the head of the local Neighborhood Association (RT) was grateful for the assistance given by the generous donors to the community in Boyombong Village, "We used to be short of water during the dry season Now, Alhamdulillah, thanks to the assistance of the Waqf Well, there’s no more water shortage. On behalf of the locals, I would like to thank Global Wakaf - ACT. The well is very useful for all residents of Biyombong Village," said Amir.

Nurul hoped that more Waqf Wells can be built in areas with water shortage. He invited all donors to take part in building Waqf Wells in all areas of Indonesia. "We certainly hope for the support of the waqf endowers so that there will be more clean water for people in need," said Nurul. []