BJB GreatPeople Peduli Supports Bandung Lautan Dermawan

As a form of concern, BJB GreatPeople Peduli distributed alms worth IDR 200 million, through ACT Bandung, to underprivileged and needy people.

BJB GreatPeople Peduli
BJB GreatPeople Peduli gives alms through ACT Bandung to impoverished and needy people. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – Based on the unresolved situation due to the pandemic and the spirit of sharing, BJB GreatPeople Peduli provided the best alms to support Bandung Lautan Dermawan initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bandung. BJB GreatPeople Peduli, which consists of BJB employees, donated IDR 200 million.

The handover ceremony took place at Wisma Lansia J Soenarti Nasution, Friday (10/8/2021). Coordinator of BJB GreatPeople Cares Iwan Rofiq Haras, Branch Manager of ACT Bandung Wina Siti Maesaroh, and representatives of the elderly, veterans, orphans, disabled, and teachers who are beneficiaries of Bandung Lautan Dermawan (BALAD) attended the event.

"Do not look at the amount of money but look at our sincerity and determination that we want to be useful for others,” said BJB GreatPeople Care Coordinator Iwan Rofiq Haras.

ACT Bandung will distribute this donation into food assistance, cash, and the best health services from ACT to beneficiaries in various areas in Greater Bandung.

Wina Siti Maesaroh, Branch Manager of ACT Bandung, welcomed this humanitarian collaboration. She explained that Bandung Lautan Dermawan has a sub-program that targets the elderly, veterans, teachers, people with disabilities, and orphans.

“This is a real manifestation of generosity and good collaboration. We require great strength and the best synergy together to solve the impact of the pandemic and poverty," she said.[]