Blessing of Clean Water for the Residents of Garut and Pangandaran

Humanity Water Tank distributed 10,000 liters of water for the villagers of Sukasono in Garut and Bagolo in Pangandaran. This clean water aid is a blessing for these two villages.

ACTNews, GARUT - Getting clean water during the dry season is a blessing for the residents living in drought-hit areas. This was felt by the residents of Sukasono Village, Sukawening subdistrict, Garut. In the last few months, water has become scarce in Sukasono VIllage. As a result, residents can only rely on some amount of water they get from the mosque.

That fact was reported directly by Adi from the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) East Priangan team. "The distance between Sukasono Village and the mosque itself is quite far, not to mention they have to queue for the water," he said.

Similar water crisis also occurred in Bagolo Village, Kalipucang Subdistrict, Pangandaran Regency. Based the recent data, hundreds of residents were affected. For several months the residents have had difficulty getting clean water, relying only on rainwater and public wells located far from the village.

"For the past few months, clean water has been difficult to obtain. The residents only rely on rain water," said Indar Kusnandar, who is also part of MRI East Priangan.

As a form of aid for the people of Garut and Pangandaran affected by the drought, ACT Tasikmalaya, along with MRI Priangan Timur sent two Mobile Water Tanks on Wednesday (7/31). The team distributed 10,000 liters of clean water to the residents of Sukasono and Bagolo Villages.

"This clean water supply helps residents to get clean water temporarily. For the following days, which are predicted to be still dry, we hope that a borehole well can be a solution, especially since this area does not have clean water pipeline," said Indar. []