Blora Farmers Actively Harvest the Rice for Palestine

Blora Farmers Actively Harvest the Rice for Palestine

ACTNews, BLORA – The enthusiasm of ACT-sponsored farmers in providing rice for Humanitarian Ship is getting a lot busier. Their spirit boosted. All farmers took part and all equipment was utilized. They worked together in collaboration in order to accomplish the mission of shipping 10.000 tons of rice to Palestine.

On Thursday (18/1), a DOS machine (a rice-threshing machine) roared loudly since early in the morning. The farmers were extremely busy with their activities. Some of them were carrying sickles, dexterously cutting every stem of paddy. Those stems were then gathered on the side of the road to be put in the rice-threshing machine.

In another corner, the farmer operating the DOS machine was ready in his position. The machine was ready to receive the paddy stems and to separate the grains from the straws.

This harvest took place in Gadon village, Cepu sub-district, Blora. This collaborative harvest involved 30 of Gadon farmers.

One of the Gadon farmers admitted that they were very happy to be involved in this month’s harvesting process. They were aware that every grain of rice that they produce will help their oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine.

“I take part by gathering the harvested rice in Cepu area. May this rice be able to arrive there and help the afflicted Palestinians,” expressed Ramli, a farmer from Gadon village.

In preparing 10.000 tons of rice for the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine, ACT involves every element of the society. Insan, Vice President of ACT, stated that the rice was directly bought from the farmers with the best price so that the farmers can get the most suitable price during this harvest season. Moreover, the domino effect of buying directly from the farmers is to cut down the chain of middlemen, a culture that has been deeply rooted among the farmers.

“From the second week of January to the second week of February, we are initiating an effort to prepare 10.000 tons of rice for the Humanitarian Ship program,” stated Insan.

ACT involves 25 villages in 11 sub-districts and 5 districts to supply the rice for the Humanitarian Ship. The five districts include Ngawi, Bojonegoro, Blora, Grobogan and Rembang.

“Insha Allah, we will fully strive to prepare 10.000 tons until it’s ready to send, so that on February 21st we will be ready to sail the ship. []


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