Blora Regency Government Appreciates ACT's Free Food Operation for Helping People Affected by the Pandemic

Many people in various sectors feel the impact of the covid-19 pandemic that has lasted almost two years. Free Food Operation program from ACT in Blora helped people affected by the pandemic and was also appreciated by the Blora Regency Government.

The Deputy Regent of Blora
The Deputy Regent of Blora (second from left) with Branch Manager of ACT Pati Raya (right) symbolically hands over OPG program assistance to three residents of Blora. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BLORA – The District Government of Blora and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed Free Food Operation (OPG) assistance to residents affected by the pandemic in Jepon District. The Blora Regency Government appreciated and expressed gratitude for all of ACT's roles in helping residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Blora.

Deputy Regent of Blora Tri Yuli Setyowati expressed her appreciation for the role of ACT in collaborating with the Blora Regency Government in helping communities affected by the pandemic. Furthermore, Tri Yuli Setyowati also hopes that ACT's role will continue.

“We from the Blora Regency Government, on behalf of the Regent, would like to thank ACT for participating in Blora Regency. Insha Allah, this will not be the last, and it will continue in the future," said Tri Yuli Setyowati, Wednesday (8/4/2021).

Tri Yuli said many people in Indonesia feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many sectors such as health, economy, education, and food have been affected by the pandemic, which lasted almost two years.

"Let’s work together to overcome the impact of Covid-19, especially for people who are affected in the economic sector," Tri Yuli pleaded.

Branch Manager of ACT Pati Raya Acep Chaniago hoped that the assistance could help the beneficiaries. Hence, it could reduce the difficulties amid the Covid-19 pandemic. "Hopefully, this will be useful for the beneficiaries, and this OPG program can help our brothers and sisters in Blora," said Acep.

Acep said that a total of five tons of waqf rice had been distributed to hundreds of families or thousands of people. The team directly distributed the assistance to beneficiaries to reduce crowds. 

Ngasipah (55), one of the beneficiaries, lives with her husband. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, she stopped selling food. The assistance from OPG program helped her family. "Thank you for the help. I will use this assistance for daily needs," said Ngasipah.[]