Boat Aid to Revive Tsunami-Affected Fishermen's Economy

Boat Aid to Revive Tsunami-Affected Fishermen's Economy

ACTNews, SERANG REGENCY – The construction of the boats for the tsunami-affected fishermen in Bulakan Village, Cinangka Sub-District, Serang Regency, is almost finished. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will give six boats to the fishermen affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami. The six boats that will be given is a form of ACT’s collaboration with Bukalapak, Tribunnews, Indonesian National Cyber and State Codes (BSSN) and Labschool Junior High School Kebayoran.

The fishermen that will receive the boats will be selected through a meeting attended by the local villagers. Twelve families consisting of forty-eight individuals will benefit from the boats donated by ACT and several partners. Mohammad Jakfar of ACT team stated that the fishermen that will use the boats will be given assistance and counseling. “They are fishermen whose boats were destroyed when the Sunda Strait Tsunami hit,” said Jakfar, Monday (2/25).

The handover ceremony of the boats will be done on Saturday (2/23). On the dock in Bulakan Village, the boats that have been finished will be tried. Several other boats are still having their outrigger attached to balance them.

A fishermen association will be formed to further assist the beneficiaries of the boat aid. Hopefully, this association will help them to solve together their problems. Jakfar stated that there are several problems that are currently affecting the local fishermen, especially during unfriendly weathers.

One of their prevalent problems is the lack of signs to guide them back home. The fishermen have been relying solely on the lighthouse and the mountain to guide them back to the land. Unfortunately, when the lighthouse doesn’t operate and when the mist covers the mointain, many fishermen get lost.

Another problem is the costs that they have to pay. Many fishermen are having difficulties with the operational costs every time they sail to the sea because there has not been any market for them to sell their catches. “To solve all these problems, we will provide counseling and assistance programs to the fishermen,” added Jakfar.

After the first six boats have been finished, ACT will initiate the subsequent batch of the boat aid program.  “Insha Allah, there will be more boats to be given to tsunami-affected fishermen,” said Jakfar. []



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