Bolstering Generosity in Dense Neighborhood through Food Alms Gathering Point

In the neighborhood of Johar Baru, near Al-Jihad Mosque, the residents’ livelihood has been affected by the pandemic. However, the mosque board and ACT have invited the locals to give to one another through the Food Alms Gathering Point because almsgiving will result in more blessing.

A resident of Johar Baru picking up frozen fish from Al Jihad Mosque's Food Alms Gathering Point. Many people living in the dense neighborhood near the mosque are impoverished. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Before the Friday prayer at Al Jihad Mosque, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta on Friday (11/6), it was already crowded at the mosque’s courtyard. Some of the worshippers had filled the main prayer room although it was still an hour away from zuhr time. Many were still busy with their activities in the mosque’s courtyard. Located in a dense neighborhood, the mosque’s front yard is often bustling with many activities.

Al Jihad Mosque is located not far from Gang Sentiong Train Station and a dense neighborhood on the bank of a river. Every time it rains, the residents have to deal with flooding. The density of the neighborhood also makes it prone to fire disaster. "There was a severe flood earlier this year because this neighborhood is situated on a river bank, ”said Ade Firmansyah, a member of Al Jihad Mosque board.

The residents living near Al-Jihad Mosque mostly live in poverty. They have also been financially affected by the pandemic. Many of them who work as peddlers have had their income decreased due to the Large-Scale Social Restrictions. Similar problem also faced by those who work as motorcycle taxi drivers and freelancers. Since the pandemic, the economic condition of the residents around the mosque has deteriorated.  

Strengthening the spirit of almsgiving

That Friday (11/6), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) came to Al Jihad Mosque to launch the Food Alms Gathering Point. After the Friday prayer, many of the locals immediately went to the food shelves to take the foodstuffs they needed. They positively welcomed this initiative.

Ade added that, since the pandemic, the locals haven’t been able to make ends meet. However, through the presence of the Food Alms Gathering Point at Al Jihad Mosque, the mosque also invited residents to continue to give alms even in difficulties. "Basically, almsgiving will bring more blessings,” said Ade.

Anyone can fill the Food Alms Gathering Point at Al Jihad Mosque with basic foodstuffs. Anyone can also take whatever they need from the Food Alms Shelves. Ade hoped that this medium of kindness can turn Al Jihad Mosque not only as a place of worship, but also a place of revival for the locals. []