Boyolali Scavenger Village Now Has a New Mosque

Residents of Sirah Hamlet, Kedunglengkong Village, Simo, and Boyolali no longer have to travel long distances to the mosque to worship. The ACT team and residents dedicated the Nur Arroyan Mosque in mid-March. It will become a new place of worship in the Kampung Rongsok settlement (Scavenger Village).

Nur Arroyan Mosque
Inauguration of Nur Arroyan Mosque in Boyolali. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  BOYOLALI – Residents of Sirah Hamlet, Kedunglengkong Village, Simo District, Boyolali can now pray at the mosque without traveling far. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo, in collaboration with the Muslim Charity Foundation, Lazis UNS, Haji Rakhmadi as a donor, and philanthropists from across Indonesia, constructed a mosque in the settlement known as Kampung Rongsok (Scavenger Village).

Nur Arroyan mosque was inaugurated on Thursday (3/17/2022), coinciding with the Ramadan welcome ceremony. Residents of Sirah Hamlet can enjoy the warmth of Ramadan worship at this mosque later in the holy month.

Ardiyan Sapto of ACT Solo Program team explained why the team chose to build the Nur Arroyan Mosque in Kampung Rongsok. Previously, residents who wanted to perform congregational worship had to travel one kilometer from their hamlet to the nearest mosque. The road condition was steep and uphill.

"When we first planned to build a mosque here, we were optimistic that the good things would come quickly. Now, Nur Arroyan Mosque has been established. It is clear proof that goodness does exist," Ardiyan said.

Suparman, an Imam in Kampung Rongsok, welcomed the building of a mosque. He also admitted that the nearest mosque was previously quite far away. []