Bread Becomes a Luxury Item in Yemen as Global Wheat Prices Rise

Bread prices in Yemen have risen in response to global wheat prices. Bread, a staple food in Yemen, has become a luxury item that is prohibitively expensive for refugees to obtain.

Illustration. Bread becomes luxury food in Yemen. (AFP Photo/Ahmad Al-Basha)

ACTNews, YEMEN – For Yemen's internally displaced people, a piece of bread is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Bread prices have recently skyrocketed. It is the result of rising global wheat prices following the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Yemen, almost entirely reliant on food imports, obtains at least 27% of its grain requirements from Ukraine and 8% from Russia. Yemen will not tolerate the rise in wheat prices.

Bread sellers were forced to raise their prices several times to avoid losing money. Meanwhile, Syrian IDPs suffer even more because the only food available is too luxurious, expensive, and difficult to obtain. Yemen could face mass famine as a result of this condition.

Not to mention that the World Food Programme (WFP) announced a policy of reducing aid to Yemen last month.

Meanwhile, Said Mukaffiy, a member of the Global Humanity Network team from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), expressed concern about Yemeni bread prices. According to Mukaffiy, food prices in Yemen have risen frequently in recent years.

"ACT continues to invite Generous Friends to help alleviate Yemen's hunger. The best assistance is available by visiting the Indonesia Dermawan page. ACT for Yemen runs a variety of aid programs, including food aid, clean water, and health care," Mukaffiy stated on Thursday (3/3/2022). []