Bring the Happiness of Qurbani in Batang

Not only helping underprivileged residents in urban areas, but Global Qurban-ACT Central Java also brought Qurbani meat from Generous Friends to remote villages.

MRI team
MRI team (left) distributes Qurbani meat to one of the residents in Batang, Central Java. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATANG – In Central Java, Global Qurban-ACT did not only distribute Qurbani meat from Generous Friends to urban people in Semarang but also to people in Batang. The team distributed Qurbani meat to impoverished people in several areas. 

Ridwan Subarkah from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) team, said that the distribution location of Qurbani meat in Batang was targeting many underprivileged residents. The initial assessment was carried out so that the distribution was right on target.

"We distribute the Qurbani meat to several sub-districts in Batang. The main targets are underprivileged people, people with disabilities, and orphans," he explained on Thursday (7/22/2021).

Global Qurban-ACT collaborated with MT Muamalat, Yayasan Muamalat Cinta Yatim Indonesia, and Komunitas Sahabat Disabilitas Batang to distributed Qurbani meat in Batang. 

"The Qurbani meat that has been chopped and packaged is immediately given to residents in remote villages in Batang Regency. The residents there rarely eat meat because of economic limitations,” added Ridwan.[]