Bringing Joy to Elderlies by Delivering Zakat

Paying Zakat is not only completes our worship, but also spreads benefits to the mustahiq (zakat rightful beneficiaries) who receive them.

An elderly in Bandung receives a food package from zakat distributed by Global Zakat-ACT.
An elderly in Bandung receives a food package from zakat distributed by Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – As completion of worship , zakat has a lot of benefits. Global Zakat-ACT has implemented it through various programs starting from food aid, life expenses for teachers, preachers, students, and the underprivileged people. In collaboration with various parties who pay zakat, the benefits of zakat have widened to several regions with no boundaries.

One of the parties who sent their zakat to Global Zakat was the Spiritual Bureau of PT Jasa Sarjana, Bandung. The directors’ and its employees’ zakat were entrusted to the Global Zakat to be distributed to mustahiq.

“Hopefully, the paid zakat can be useful especially for the beneficiaries and bring rewards to all of us,” said Rizki Ihsan Fauzi, Head of Spiritual Bureau Jasa Sarana.

The zakat distribution to mustahiq was carried out in the beginning of May with elderly people from four urban villages in Gedebage District, Bandung City as the main target. Assisted by the local government, the Ramadan packages handover as a form of zakat was carried out in Cisaranten Kidul Vilalge, Rancabolang, Cimincrang, and Cisaranten Wetan, Saturday (5/1/2021).

Warm welcome was coming from the elderly who received the Ramadan packages. Though they are no longer young, they were very excited while expressing their thankfulness to the volunteers who distributed the food packages.

“The beneficiaries of zakat are the underprivileged elderly people because it’s no longer easy for them to work and make a living. Hence, this food packages are hoped to support their lives,” hoped Ivan Apriana from ACT Bandung Team Program.

Until late Ramadan, Global Zakat-ACT will to open the opportunities for people who want to send their zakat. Later, the zakat distribution will target the underprivileged people in various regions. Alms can be sent to BNI Syariah 99 0000 353 in the name of Global Zakat or immediately come to ACT Bandung office on Jalan Lodaya, No. 36, Bandung City.[]