BTS ARMY Provides Free Food to Celebrate Jimin’s Birthday

As a form of humanitarian solidarity action during the Covid-19 pandemic, BTS ARMY Indonesia raised funds to distribute free food. ARMY will carry out this action to commemorate the birthday of one of the BTS personnel, Park Jimin.

BTS ARMY Indonesia
BTS ARMY Indonesia supports ACT’s humanitarian solidarity action by providing free meals. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The action of humanitarian solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic moved the hearts of Adorable MC for Youth or commonly known as ARMY, which is a fan community for the South Korean boyband, Bangtan Boys (BTS). In this action, ARMY Indonesia again trusted Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in collaborating on humanitarian action.

ARMY Indonesia supports humanitarian solidarity action by distributing hundreds of thousands of free meals to impoverished people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Later, ACT's Humanity Food Bus will distribute these meals.

Monica Sahara, one of the Indonesian influencers and ARMY Indonesia, says ARMY Indonesia wants to assist people who have difficulty getting food. Moreover, Emergency Public Activity Restriction Enforcement (PPKM) has increasingly affected people in making a living. 

"This action is important. We know that many people need food. They are not sure about what to eat today? That is why we intend to mobilize Indonesian ARMYs through this free food alms, especially since we know that ACT has often made actions like this," said Monica during a live broadcast on Instagram account @actforhumanity, Tuesday (10/12/2021).

Monica adds this action also commemorates the birthday of one of the BTS personnel, Park Jimin, who turns 26 years old on October 13. As an ARMY, Monica considers all BTS personnel can be an inspiration to share with others.

"They have their values ​​and inspiration for ARMY. Moreover, we know that BTS personnel often make humanitarian donations to social organizations. It is what makes us as Indonesian ARMYs inspired to move in goodness. One of them is through ACT. We intend to share the goodness. Insha Allah, it will become a reward. Let's do good things together, guys," said Monica.

Monica hopes that all Indonesian ARMYs can participate in this free food alms. According to her, the increasing number of Indonesian ARMYs must be accompanied by a spirit of concern for humanitarian problems that occur both in Indonesia and globally.[]