Budi Forced to Get into Debt to Buy Cellphone for Teaching

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced teaching and learning activities to be carried out online. As a physical education teacher, Herwahyudi Budhi was forced to go into debt to buy a smartphone in order to teach.

Budhi teaches Physical Education. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN – Herwahyudi Budhi had to go into debt so that he could buy a smartphone for teaching. For him, online teaching and learning activities are a new experience during the 14 years he has been a teacher. He had only an old cellphone.

Teaching physical education, Yudi rarely delivers lessons in classrooms so he thought that he wouldn’t need the newest smartphone for his work.

“Every day, I used an old cell phone that can’t be used for online classrooms or video calls because I thought P.E. teacher like me wouldn’t need to do that anyway. But, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have to buy it so I can teach," he said, Friday (10/1/2021).

Budhi is grateful that offline classes are held again albeit limited. Sadly, he still has to pay the debts that he took for buying a new phone. With a salary of IDR 700,000, it’s difficult to pay his debt.

"I pay in installments because I still have to pay for my daily expenses," said the man who teaches at Kandang Panjang Elementary School of Pekalongan City.

To ease Yudi's burden, Global Zakat-ACT provided living expenses, Friday (10/1/2021). In addition to Yudi, other teachers in Pekalongan City also received financial assistance. []