Buhasan’s Strong Will in Preaching Islam

Despite the rejection by the locals, Buhasan continues preaching Islam in Air Abik Hamlet of Bangka.

Buhasan (right), a Muslim preacher in Bangka. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANGKA – Buhasan is the first Muslim preacher in Air Abik Hamlet, Belinyu District, Bangka. In 1994, when Buhasan first arrived in the hamlet, the locals barely knew anything about Islam.

When he began preaching, Buhasan did not have a vehicle to get to the hamlet. From the place where he lives, it takes around 13 minutes by motorbike to get to Air Abik Hamlet. He once appealed for help to the village government but to no avail. Finally, Buhasan's preaching once stopped in 1997, but he continued preaching seven years later.

"His main activity is to teach the Qur’an and its rules for the correct pronunciation (tajweed) and classes about simple Islamic rules for daily life. From 1994 to 1997, he received no assistance as a Muslim preacher," said Raffles Gordon Kusmah from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bangka, Sunday (6/30/2021).

Buhasan had to deal with many difficulties in his activities as a preacher in this isolated area. He experienced rejection from Air Abik residents, including its chieftain. When he first asked permission to build a water well to teach the locals to perform ablution, many opposed him.

"At that time, the children had to travel a long distance to practice ablution. Buhasan had the initiative to make a water well in his small mosque. The locals rejected his idea. One of the locals was even about to hit him," continued Raffles.

For years, he has been dealing with strong opposition. Once he was pelted with pig bones. The wooden fence of his small mosque was once pulled out, causing dogs to enter. Some of the locals once cursed him and forbade him from praying in his mosque. Nevertheless, Buhasan remains strong in his conviction. Over time, his efforts come to fruition.

From only seven students who studied with him, now the number has increased. Recently, his mosque in Air Abik Hamlet finally finished construction in 2020.

"Therefore, we gave our generous appreciation to Buhasan by providing assistance from the Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers Program. Through this program, we hope to support Buhasan’s struggle in preaching Islam in his hamlet," explained Raffles.[]