Building A New Mosque for Residents in Hegarmanah, Garut

Having a more proper mosque has been the desire of the residents of Kampung Sawah Pentas, Hegarmanah Village, Bungbulang District, Garut for decades. At the end of May, the wish came true when the mosque was rebuilt. Everyone felt happy and worked together, including the mothers and children who helped to carry the building materials.

Al Ikhlas Mosque in Garut.
The mothers carry the building material to the Al Ikhlas Mosque in Garut. (ACTNews/Atib Purnama)

ACTNews, GARUT – Residents of Kampung Sawah Pentas, Hegarmanah Village, Bungbulang District, Garut are rejoicing. The Al Ikhlas Mosque, which became a place of worship in their village, has now been rebuilt. People have wanted this for decades. This wish has finally been realized since May 30. The construction began with community alms distributed through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). It is targeted that the renovation will be completed within 30 days.

Previously, the mosque, which only measures 7 by 5 meters, was in poor condition. The cubicle that became the wall was fragile, as were the rest of the building. As a result, the mosque was not able to accommodate the congregation in large numbers. The existence of the Al Ikhlas Mosque is important. Apart from the prayer place, residents also usually hold recitations, religious and social activities at the mosque.

“For decades, residents have been trying to renovate this mosque. However, only now can it be realized. It is not only renovated but rebuilt so that it is much more feasible. Insha Allah, the mosque will be more prosperous in the future,” said Suparman, a member of the mosque prosperity council of Al Ikhlas Mosque at the end of May.

In the renovation process, not only the volunteer from ACT was involved but also the residents. All of them worked together, including the mothers and children. They helped by bringing the building materials to the construction site on foot.

Fauzi Ridwan from the program team of ACT Tasikmalaya said Al Ikhlas Mosque does not only require renovation but also rebuilds considering the construction of the old building was no longer suitable for use. ACT also wants to present a new building that is more sturdy and comfortable so that the message of religion continues to be strengthened in the village.

"Please pray for the construction to run smoothly, and we will build a mosque that is much more suitable for the residents of Kampung Sawah Pentas," Fauzi hoped.

The renovation of this mosque is part of the Mobile Social Rescue Action for the Prosperity of Mosques program. The program is one of the efforts to present livable mosques in various regions. The support from benefactors had a big impact on the success of this good deed.[]