Building Civilization Through Productive Waqf Education

Building Civilization Through Productive Waqf Education

ACTNewsBANDAR LAMPUNG – Waqf is being strongly advocated by Tangan Di Atas (TDA) community and Global Wakaf Aksi Cepat Tanggap (GW-ACT) as one of the contributing elements to build civilization. On Saturday (2/12), a discussion about productive waqf was held for the members of the TDA community, especially in Lampung and Bengkulu, in an event called TDA Leadership Camp 2017 in Swiss-Belhotel Lampung. This event involved all TDA administrators and active members at the branch and regional level.  

This event is a follow-up to an earlier event that had been initiated by central TDA with GW that in late July.

Cahyo Prabowo, a Partnership Officer of GW Lampung, opened the event by emphasizing on the enormous waqf potential in Indonesia. According to him, if a large number of Muslims, for instance 50 million Muslims, donate Rp. 100.000 each month, then we will have a potential waqf fund of 60 trillion Rupiah in a year. The collected fund will then be managed for long term productive programs and initiatives that will be beneficial for the community.

“GW itself has professionally managed the waqf funds. The funds are channeled through disaster management, education, health, and food programs. Currently, GW has retail network, community-based livestock barn, and community-based food barn. These are the implementations of the productive waqf. There’s also Global Wakaf Tower which will be built in Rasuna Said area, South Jakarta. This construction project is fully funded by waqf,” said Prabowo.

Prabowo’s explanation instantly kindled the enthusiasm of the businesspeople from Lampung and Bengkulu. When they were told about the stock waqf, many of them were motivated to donate a portion of their companies’ stock.

“If businesspeople are willing to donate the stock of their companies, Insha Allah, Allah will preserve their companies. Let’s donate for waqf, no matter how much, since there’s no minimum or maximum amount,” said Eko Desri, the head of TDA community Lampung and Bengkulu to all of his members to encourage them to take part in the productive waqf.

“The awareness of the businesspeople to donate for waqf is quite massive. We thank TDA for providing a chance to discuss about productive waqf. Even though this program is new, but the society is very responsive about this program, Alhamdulillah,” said Asep Usman, the branch manager of ACT Lampung who also supervise GW programs in Lampung. []



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