Building Family Waqf Well for Maspuah Family

The toilet condition at Maspuah’s house (53) is poor. The bathroom has no roof and is used by six people.

The presence of the Waqf Well is expected to make it easier for Maspuah to access proper sanitation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANGERANG – For 35 years, Maspuah (53) has lived in a simple wooden house in Cisauk Girang Village, Cisauk Village, Cisauk District, Tangerang City.

The toilet at Maspuah's house was inadequate, not even covered with a roof. The closet condition was also poor. When it rains, Maspuah and her family had to get wet when using the toilet. They worried that the bathroom and house would collapse due to strong winds. 

She wanted to renovate her house, but her income is just enough to meet her daily needs. Maspuah works as a laundry laborer in a housing estate. She receives a salary of  IDR 600,000 per month and uses the salary to support six people.

The toilet condition at Maspuah's house before renovation. (ACTNews)

“I have to pay for my grandchildren’s tuition fees. Their parents passed away ten years ago,” told Maspuah to the Global Wakaf-ACT team last April.

Global Wakaf-ACT built a unit of Family Waqf Well at Maspuah's house. The Waqf Well, which was a mandate from the benefactors, was completed last April.

Moch Nurul Ramadhan from the Global Wakaf-ACT team explains that apart from facilitating proper sanitation, the construction of the Family Waqf Well is expected to ease the hardships of Maspuah family.

“On behalf of Maspuah family, we are grateful to generous benefactors who helped to build waqf wells and toilets for her family. Now, she can focus on making a living without worrying about her inadequate bathroom. Hopefully, we can continue to do this and reach more beneficiaries," said Nurul.[]