Bujaremi Chooses to Stay at School Due to Insufficient Salary

The salary received per month is not enough to cover the travel cost. Bujaremi, a teacher in Bogor Regency, chooses to save money by sleeping at school and eating modestly.

Bujaremi teaches Islamic Education at an Islamic-based junior high school in Bogor Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – The insufficient income as an honorary teacher makes Bujaremi have to save money. He works as an Islamic Education teacher at an Islamic-based junior high school in Cijambe Village, Banyuasih Village, Cigudeg District, Bogor Regency. He decided to stay at the school to reduce travel costs.

Bujaremi receives a salary of IDR 300 thousand per month and is paid every four months. The round trip fee for one teaching costs IDR 15 thousand per day. He admits that his salary is not enough to cover the costs. Bujaremi asked for permission to stay at the school and comes home once a week every Saturday.

Alhamdulillah, the principal allowed me to stay at school. I go home once a week," said Bujaremi, Wednesday (8/4/2021).

Although his salary is small, Bujaremi teaches with the intention of worship. He is grateful for the wealth he received from Allah. “ I hope for Allah’s blessing. I am grateful for what I have. I don’t deny either, if we don't have faith in Allah, we will feel hopeless, and the result will be bad,” he said.

Wardi, the principal of the school, admitted that he allowed Bujaremi to stay at the school to support Bujaremi's struggle.

“Mr. Bujaremi does live here. He comes home every Saturday. The distance from school to his home is far. His salary is used to support his wife and four children at home,” said Wardi.

Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance for honorary teachers on Wednesday (8/4/2021). Bujaremi is one of the thousands of honorary teachers who have received financial aid from donors through Global Zakat-ACT.[]