Business Grant for Burais' Family

Business Grant for Burais' Family

ACTNews, PADANG – Continuing the assistance for the family of Burais, a victim of traffic accident in Solok Regency, West Sumatera, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), through the Mobile Social Rescue program, gave another aid. The third batch of aid was given on Tuesday (2/12), funded by the zakat of managed by Global Zakat – ACT.

ACT also gave business grant for the family. Nurnis, Burais’ wife, stated that the grant will be used for selling snacks around the local beach. “We are going to sell snacks and drinks on the beach,” said the family who lives on Jalan Gajah I in Padang City.

After the traffic accident that befell him, Burais can no longer walk without crutches. The father of three can also no longer work as a construction worker or truck driver like he used to do for living before the accident. His wife also cannot walk due to her acute gastritis that got worse after the accident.

Their three children are still in need of costs for their education. “With this business grant, I hope our financial problems will be able to be alleviated,” added Nurnis.   

Apart from giving business grant, ACT will also continue to help Nurnis’ medical assistance and support the children’s education. “For the business grant, ACT team will also provide assistance,” stated Aan Saputra of ACT West Sumatera program team, Wednesday (2/13).

The traffic accident that happened to Burais and his family occurred in mid-July 2017. The family who were riding on a motorcycle was hit by a car. Though no one was killed, Burais was severely injured, resulting in his current mobility impairment. Since November 2018, ACT has provided assistance to support his family. []

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