Business Grants Given to Dozens of Women Business Owners in Central Jakarta

A total of 10 women in Central Jakarta received capital assistance through the Friends of Indonesian Micro-Businesses (Sahabat UMI) program. This assistance is given to help women entrepreneurs who are affected by the pandemic.

Linda received business assistance from the Sahabat UMI program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – ACT continues to provide assistance to those severely affected by the pandemic. On Wednesday (6/3), ACT gave business capital assistance from Friends of Indonesian Micro Businesses (Sahabat UMI) program for women-owned small enterprises to support them during pandemic.

A total of 10 women in several sub-districts received business capital assistance from ACT, including women in Kemayoran, Johar Baru, and Sawah Besar. These women sell food and drink, such as coffee, uduk rice, and instant noodles.

One of the beneficiaries was Linda who owns a small coffee shop. Linda has quite a many bills to pay and other needs to fulfill, but her daily income has significantly decreased following the pandemic.

"Now the purchasing power of the people is decreasing while the needs are increasing, and I have to support my children’s education. Alhamdulillah for the assistance from ACT. I hope that, after receiving this assistance, I hope my business will run smoothly, and my income will increase to meet our daily needs. Hopefully, it can reach other businesses too," added Linda.

This business capital assistance will continue to be provided to other small business owners affected by the pandemic to support their economy. []