Business Mentoring Facilitates Mardiana's Business Development

Mardiana's business, which was previously hampered by the pandemic, now runs more smoothly thanks to the innovation and inspiration she got from Global Wakaf-ACT’s business mentoring. Mardiana plans to open a branch in her house.

Mardiana cooks frozen food into ready-to-eat meals. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – In the last few months, Mardiana's business had been unstable. Her frozen food business had experienced a decline due to fewer buyers during the pandemic.

When Mardiana received the first capital assistance from Waqf for the MSMEs program last June, she immediately thought of her business strategy. "With this assistance, I have to be smart in innovating so that the turnover remains stable," said Mardiana.

She cooks frozen food, usually sold in one package, into ready-to-eat meals. Now, she has more customers because the customers prefer to buy ready-to-eat meals.

“They like it because it is cheaper, and they can taste it first. I also gain more profit. Customers also get benefits because they don't need to cook and can be eaten right away,” said Mardiana to Global Wakaf-ACT Team at her stall in Tanah Abang district, Central Jakarta, last Saturday (9/25/2021).

Benefit from a business mentoring

Apart from profit increase, bookkeeping of Mardiana’s business is neater than before. Before receiving business mentoring through Waqf for the MSMEs program, Mardiana had bookkeeping, but the method was not correct.

“Previously, I did not receive business mentoring. Hence, my bookkeeping was not neat. I often did not record my finances well.  Alhamdulillah, now I have to report, record, find out how much the profit is. With this assistance, I am even more grateful because I can find out the profit I get,” explained Mardiana.


Mardiana also gets inspiration from other MSME owners who are members of a mentoring group. "I was desperate because there were fewer buyers until I met a man who sells online. I get inspired to sell online. I learned how to manage an online business from YouTube,” said Mardiana.

Currently, Mardiana opens a stall near the market. She plans to open another branch near her house. She hopes that her child can help run the business. For this reason, Global Wakaf-ACT provided the second phase of capital assistance for Mardiana. She plans to buy cooking utensils.

“Now, I can pay my child's school fees. Once again, thank you all and for the business mentoring too. Hopefully, everything that has been given by Allah will be multiplied, "said Mardiana, touched.[]