Buthania’s Family Needs Support From Indonesian Benefactors

Buthania (44) and her five children lived in Alnazlah, one of the cities in north of Gaza strip. Like other Gazans, her life has been constantly under the threat of food, water, and humanitarian crises.

Buthania's Family. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – In 2019, Buthania Jehad Maruf’s husband died from the explosion that occurred in the Gaza strip. She and her five children, Abdelrahman, Shaimaa, Nour, Eman, and Abdullah, lived without the presence of a father and husband.

Buthania and her five children live in Alnazlah, a city in the north of the Gaza strip. Like other people in Gaza, Buthania's life has been under the constant threat of water, food, and humanitarian crises. Despite receiving assistance from the a local institution, the amount was still insufficient to meet the needs of Buthania’s family.

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response- ACT team explained that the condition of Buthania’s family reflected the difficulties faced by thousands of families in Gaza. Therefore, ACT endeavors to provide the best assistance to the families of martyrs through the Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia Program.

“The program bridges Indonesian families who want to help the life of Palestinian families. Assistance can be given in the form of cash donation, which will then be converted into food, education, cleaning equipment, electricity, housing, medical care, and various other necessities,” said Mukaffiy, Friday (3/26/2021).

Mukaffiy continued that The Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia program will be a forum that bridged Palestinian families in need assistance with capable Indonesian families. Until now, thousands of donors have supported this program through Indonesia Dermawan website.[]