Cabang Dua Residents Grateful for Waqf Well

In Cabang Dua Hamlet in Lengga Sari Village, Cabangbungin District, Bekasi Regency, the residents have been dealing with water crisis for a long time. They were very happy when Global Wakaf – ACT built a Waqf Well and sanitation facilities in the area.

Waqf well in Cabang Dua Hamlet which was completed recently. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI - When the Waqf Well in Cabang Dua Hamlet, Lengga Sari Village, Cabangbungin District, Bekasi Regency was completed, the residents were overwhelmed with happiness. They have been yearning for clean water sources. They now visit the mosque more frequently not only to pray but also to benefit from the clean water source.

"Yesterday, the mosque was packed with visitors: students, peddlers, hawkers, students, goat herders. They came here even before the prayer time, Alhamdulillah. They were very happy about the new waqf well and sanitation facilities. Some were even taking selfies near the toilets because they look so bright and neat,” said Ustaz Suhaemi, a community leader in Cabang Dua Hamlet.

Many people do not have their own clean water sources nor toilets. They use to defecate openly on rice fields. Some of the locals then made a simple latrine on the riverbank.

"They built it from wood, tarps, and spare banners. It could benefit us for a while until the government’s river normalization program forced us to demolish it. After that, we had to go to the river if we needed to urinate or defecate. Even pregnant women sometimes have to go to the river in the middle of the night,” Suhaemi told the audience during the Bekasi Berwakaf Event on Sunday (12/20).