Casual Workers in Pelabuhan Ratu Fish Market Receive Free Rice

A total of 300 packages of free rice were handed over to beneficiaries who work as fishermen, parking attendants, daily workers at fish market and underprivileged communities around the market.

Free Rice Operations for casual workers in Sukabumi Fish Market, Wednesday (3/31/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI – Free Rice Operation was again carried out by Aksi Cepat Tanggap. This humanitarian action came to fish market, Pelita Street, Pelabuhan Ratu Village, Sukabumi Regency, Wednesday (3/21/2021). Free Rice was distributed to 300 beneficiaries who work as fishermen, parking attendants, and laborers in the fish market.

Free Rice Operation was a form of generous concern to help underprivileged people in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Resdiana Pratama from ACT Sukabumi team explained that underprivileged people still had difficulty maximizing their income. According to Resdiana, their incomes have been quite uncertain. For fishermen, for example, their income depends on their catch and weather conditions. “The fishermen were enthusiastic about Free Rice Operation,” said Resdiana.

In the future, Free Rice Operation continues to expand by ACT in various places through National Food Alms Movement.[]