Celebrating the Prophet’s Night Journey Through Acts of Generosity

To commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey (Al-Isra’ wal Mi’raj), the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) branch in Bangka held an Islamic gathering event in Cambai Village. In addition, they also gave away food packages to the poor and elderly.

Distribution of food packages for residents in Central Bangka. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL BANGKA – For Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), there are several ways to commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s night journey of Al-Isra’ wal Mi’raj. In Bangka, the ACT Bangka Branch held Islamic mass gathering at Al-Hidayah Mosque in the village of Cambai in Namang District, Central Bangka. In this event, a sermon was delivered by Ustaz Kemas Mahmud Al-Hanif.

The ACT Bangka Branch Manager Cherry Octoryan said the Islamic gathering was a moment for all of us to reflect, increase faith and piety. The commemoration of the Night Journey must also serve as a reminder for us to be better servants of Allah.

"Through this Islamic gathering, we learn not only to improve the quality of our worship but also to foster the worshippers’ spirit of generosity, to do good to anyone, anywhere, anytime,” said Cherry.

In addition, the ACT Bangka Branch also handed over 100 staple food packages to the poor and elderly in the village of Cambai. Cherry added that this action aimed not only to provide food for the needy but also to educate the public that generosity will bring enormous benefits.

The program was met with a good response from the local government. The head of Cambai Village Anita Maryono thanked ACT for the aid implementation. He also thanked the donors for being sincere in sharing with others.

In the activities that took place in Cambai Village, ACT was also supported by various partners such as Biker Subuhan Pangkalpinang, Community BLAZER, and Cambai Village Youth Organization.

The ACT Bangka Branch will also hold a similar activity on Tuesday (3/1/2022). []