Central Kitchen Maintains Quality of Qurbani Meat before Being Distributed

After being slaughtered at Dharma Jaya Slaughterhouse in East Jakarta, the meat from the qurbani animals was taken to ACT’s Central Kitchen to be cut up and packaged. The meat was stored at Meat is stored in a cold room that can hold up to 5 tons of meat, maintaining the temperatire at minus 20 decree Celsius before being distributed to the recipients.

Volunteers at Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Central Kitchen packing qurbani meat, Friday (7/31). (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY - In distributing qurbani meat throughout the Jabodetabek area, Global Qurban - ACT seeks to maintain the quality of the qurbani meat until it is received by the beneficiaries. One of the ways was by storing and packaging the meat in a cold room at ACT’s Central Kitchen.

On Eid Al-Adha 2020, Friday (7/31), dozens of animals that had been slaughtered at Dharma Jaya Slaughterhouse in East Jakarta were immediately taken to ACT’s Central Kitchen in Megamendung, Bogor, West Java.

In the Central Kitchen, the qurbani meat was then cut up and packaged, 1.5 kilograms each. The meat was stored in a cold room before being distributed later that evening to beneficiaries in Bogor Regency. The Person In Charge of ACT’s Central Kitchen Chef Joni Kusumahadi explained, a Central Kitchen cooling rooms can hold up to five tons of food. In the Central Kitchen, there are two cooling rooms with the temperature maintained at -20 degrees Celsius.

Qurbani meat is stored in the Central Kitchen’s cold room that can hold up to 5 tons of meat. The meat is refrigerated at minus 21 degree Celsius. (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

"While waiting for the packaging, the meat is stored in the cold room before being distributed this afternoon," explained Joni. The Humanity Food Truck chef also explained that the meat is refrigerated to maintain the quality of the meat and keep the meat fresh despite being distributed three hours after being slaugtered.

The meat is also refrigerated during its delivery to the distribution points. Friday (7/31) a refrigerator truck brought hundreds of packages of meat to the distribution point at the ACT Bogor Branch Office in North Bogor, Bogor City.

For the distribution of the qurbani meat in Jabodetabek area, Global Qurban collaborates with ACT's Humanity Care Line. Pungki Martha Kusuma as the Head of Humanity Care Line responsible for Global Qurban distribution operation explained, the distribution of qurbani meat that day aimed to reach communities in the city of Bogor. "The beneficiaries are underprivileged people who previously called ACT's Humanity Care Line. For the first day, we started from neighborhoods adjacent to the Central Kitchen," said Pungki.

Pungki added, for the next day, the qurbani animals will be slaughtered at Dharma Jaya Slaughterhouse, only the distribution points will encompass Tangerang, South Tangerang and South Jakarta. The central point of the distribution will be at ACT Greater Tangerang Branch Office. Until the third day past Eid Al-Adha, Global Qurban - ACT aims to reach 100,000 beneficiaries in the Greater Jakarta area.

Sukorini, Global Qurban – ACT Manager, said that people who want to perform qurbani through Global Qurban can do it until the second day after Eid Al-Adha. "Insha Allah, the qurbani from our generous donors will be distributed to our brothers and sisters in need," said Sukorini. []