Central Kitchen Supports ACT’s Humanitarian Programs

ACTNews visited the Humanity Central Kitchen in Ciawi, Bogor, on Monday (3/30) to see the preparation of meal packages for healthcare workers in Wisma Atlet as well as the impoverished families.

Chef Joni Kusumahadi preparing the vegetables for the meal packages that were to be distributed at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran which has been converted into an emergency hospital for COVID-19 patients. (ACTNews/Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, BOGOR - ACTNews team was on the way to ACT’s Central Kitchen in Bogor. Right after crossing the Gadog Bridge on Jalan Raya Puncak-Cianjur, Bogor, we turned left to a small street. After driving for 1.2 kilometers from the street entrance, we arrived at the PT Makmur Bahagia Sejati’s Humanity Central Kitchen, headed by Chef Joni Kusumahadi, who is also a cook at ACT’s Humanity Food Truck.

Our car stopped in front of a large aluminum gate, the entrance to the Central Kitchen standing on ​​2,000 square meter land. "Go straight inside," said chef Joni on the phone. The gate was then opened by a security guard. Chef Joni was already waiting for us behind the gate.

The chef from Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, welcomed us warmly. He explained in detail the rooms in the Central Kitchen and its functions. "The kitchen building is 500 square meters wide, consisting of two floors. The bottom floor is for production, and the top is for the office," explained Joni. Some of the buildings were built in earthquake-proof container style.

We are welcome to enter the production after changing our shoes. We first visited the preparation room located across the storage room and meat-cutting room. Joni and his team were preparing over a thousand packages of meal on Monday (3/30) afternoon to be delivered to the Covid-19 emergency hospital at Wisma Atlet later that afternoon.

ACTNews Team met with Chef Humanity Food Truck and owner of PT Makmur Bahagia Sejahtera Joni Kusuma Hadi at the Humanity Central KItchen, Bogor, West Java, Monday (30/3). In the kitchen, thousands of servings of meal packages for healthcare workers and staff members of a number of referral hospitals for COVID-19 patients were produced. (ACTNews / Akbar)

Furthermore, Joni said, the new Humanity Central Kitchen that officially started operating in early March immediately took part in a humanitarian mission on its debut. "Alhamdulillah, our first production was for a humanitarian program while we were also cooking for ACT’s Together Fighting Corona program," Joni said. With the Humanity Central Kitchens, Joni hoped to contribute more to humanity.

Aside from Ciawi, Bogor, the Central Kitchens have satellite kitchens in Menara 165 and Pondok Gede. Each Satellite Kitchen has special functions based on the location of the humanitarian programs. "If there is a humanitarian program in Jakarta, we can also use the satellite kitchen although the cooking equipment is not as complete as here," explained Joni.

"The Central Kitchen can also support the meal distribution from the Humanity Food Truck. The trucks can distribute meal packages in other places that may not be able to be reached by the Central Kitchen," said Joni.

In February, Joni officially endowed most of his company's shares through Global Wakaf. []