Central Kitchen Supports Humanity Food Van’s Actions

In the midst of COVID-19 outbreak, the need for food has become very urgent because the outbreak also severely affects the livelihood of impoverished families. For that reason, Humanity Central Kitchen is here as not only a symbol of kindness but also as a provider of free lunch packages for the community.

The cooks of the Central Kitchen packaging the free food. This food will be distributed using the Humanity Food Vans. ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY - The temperature inside the Central Kitchen in Megamendung, Bogor Regency was rather warm on Tuesday (4/7). The high-pressure cookers were steaming as the rice is being cooked, so are the side dishes like chicken, fried noodles, and vegetables. The highly-experienced cooks have been working tirelessly to provide free lunch packages.

That day, 2,000 servings of lunch were packaged in paper boxes to make it more environmentally friendly. Joni Kusumahadi the owner and the head chef at the Central Kitchen oversaw other cooks who were cooking delicious and nutritious food for the community.

"Each stage of cooking is done in a separate room," explained Joni when taking ACTNews team in a tour to see the Central Kitchen which had just finished construction.

Outside the kitchen, 10 Humanity Food Van fleets had lined up. These modified vans would bring food from the Central Kitchen directly to the beneficiaries around Jakarta Metropolitan Area The distribution area is Jabodetabek.

Humanity Food Van Coordinator Rian Andriana Rachman said, the distribution of the lunch packages using the Humanity Food Van will be done every day during the COVID-19 outbreak. The food cooked at the Central Kitchen will be distributed to underprivileged communities and informal workers in the Greater Jakarta area. "These vans will also stop by ACT branch offices to support the food distribution in various regions," he explained, Tuesday (4/7).

Central Kitchen is able to produce 10,000 lunch packages every day. Before the launching of the Humanity Food Vans, the Central Kitchen also supported the meal distribution at Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 and various humanitarian actions. In addition, the kitchen founded on the initiative of Joni and Setija Budi, a Garuda Indonesia pilot, also cater for events in the Puncak area, Bogor.

In the February, Joni officially endowed most of his company's shares to Global Wakaf. The company, PT Makmur Bahagia Sejati, also manages the Central Kitchen. []