Chas'uri: I Borrowed Money to Repair My Boat

Chas'uri: I Borrowed Money to Repair My Boat

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – Chas’uri was seen busy with his boat which he named EP Putra. The green boat was harbored near the bank of Cipunten Agung River that flows through Teluk Village in Labuan Sub-District. Wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and a cap to protect him from the heat of the sun. He walked back and forth to the boat’s hull.

On Sunday (1/3) morning, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) was invited to look at Char’uri’s wooden boat. The fishing boat with which he used to fish with three of his friends was sitting in the estuary as it was being repaired. The boat was damaged after it was hit by another boat when the tsunami hit Sunda Strait in late December 2018.

The left side of the boat was destroyed. The frames needed to be replaced. With the help of two carpenters, Chas’uri tried to repair his boat as soon as possible so that he can go back to the sea. “I have spent IDR 15 million to repair this ship. It will probably take another 10 million for the reparation to finish,” he said.

The man who came from Brebes admitted that he borrowed money from his relatives to repair the boat. He has not been able to work after the tsunami. Consequently, he has no source of income. “Even fulfilling daily needs has been difficult. The tsunami also washed away many of my belongings,” he said.

Not only the frames, the engine of the boat that costed him IDR 150 million was also broken after it was flooded by sea water. The water corroded the car engine that was used by Chas’uri to power his boat.

The corrosion was caused by the delayed evacuation. Chas’uri’s boat was only able to be evacuated two weeks after the tsunami. The tsunami washed away hundreds of boats that were harbored along the estuary, piling and drowning them. The piles of the boats blocked the river and caused the flood on January 1 2019 in Labuan.

Syairin, another fisherman in Teluk Village, was luckier. On the same day when ACT visited Chas’uri, Syairin was painting his boat that he named Salsabila. His boat was also damaged, but it does not cost him that much to repair it, only IDR 8 million.

For two weeks, Syairin has been repairing his boat. He wants to go back fishing soon to earn money for his family. The father of two needs to get back to work as soon as possible in order to rebuild his house that was damaged by tsunami. “We have enough aid to fulfill our basic needs. Now, the fishermen need aid for the repair of their boats on order to rebuild their economy,” he hoped.

In an effort to help the fishermen, Global Wakaf initiated an empowerment program funded by Waqf.  The Boat Waqf program is one of Global Wakaf’s program aiming to help fishermen affected by Sunda Strait tsunami to be able to sail again and to increase their earnings.  

“Global Wakaf is currently making 9 fishing boats for the fishermen who were significantly affected by the tsunami. Additionally, the fishermen as the beneficiaries will also be assisted continuously through fishermen groups,” said Jajang Fadli, Global Wakaf Manager. []



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