Cheap Food Operation Brings Multiple Benefits to Community

In addition to helping impoverished families get foodstuffs, Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Cheap Food Operation also helps strengthen their purchasing power and empowers MSMEs.

cheap food operation
ACT volunteer (left) helps a lady carry foodstuff package from the Cheap Food Operation in Pekalongan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA, PEKALONGAN, SALATIGA – A bright smile radiated on the face of Wakiyem, a resident of Gemblakan Bawah Village who bought a foodstuff package in the Cheap Food Operation (OPM) in Suryatmajan Village, Danurejan District, Yogyakarta City, Thursday (11/4/2021). Wakiyem was happy to be able to buy foodstuffs at a really cheap price.

"Alhamdulillah, I am very happy. If possible, I hope this can be held once a week to guarantee our family’s needs,” said Wakiyem.

Sakiyem was only one of many residents who have benefitted from the Cheap Food Operation, a program aiming to provide food for the needy at half-price.  

The Head of Suryatmajan Village, Weda Satria, admitted that he felt greatly assisted and thanked the benefactors and ACT for the program held in his village. Weda supported the program because it can help the economy grow.

"By buying the foodstuffs, not getting them for free, it can strengthen their purchasing power. Besides, the earnings from the sales will also be used to help others. Hence, the beneficiaries have indirectly participated in helping others in charity,” he said.

Cheap Food Operation was also held in Bugisan Village, North Pekalongan District, Pekalongan City. An area that is prone to tidal floods.

Cheap Food Operation in Pekalongan. (ACTNews)

The tidal floods only make it difficult for the locals to do their daily activities and inundate the locals’ belongings. “Every day at around 2 a.m., the tide goes in, and it goes out at 9 a.m.,” said Yanti (48), Thursday (11/4/2021).

In Salatiga, Cheap Food Operation was held in Gendongan Village, Tingkir District, Salatiga City. The buyers were impoverished families who feel burdened by the soaring prices of basic needs.

“It is really helpful because the prices of basic needs sold by ACT are cheap. Every day, we use foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, and flour. Due to the rising prices caused by COVID-19, we get a lesser amount of foodstuffs for IDR 10,000,” said Siti Khotimah, a resident.

Singkar Permana Sakti from ACT Semarang Regency said that Cheap Food Operation will continue to be held through ACT branch offices in various regions. It aims to be a solution to the difficulty of getting affordable food during the pandemic.

"In addition, people's purchasing power can strengthen again after the Covid-19 waves. We also support MSMEs from which we source our foodstuffs," he concluded. []