Cheap Food Operation Gives Affordable Food Access to Community

Access to affordable food now isn’t only wishful thinking. Recently, ACT launched their latest program called Cheap Food Operation that is spreading across the country.

Cheap Food Operation.
A resident in Bireuen receives a cheap food package from ACT. (ACTNews/Alfian)

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE, MOJOKERTO – Lately, news about the rising food price in various regions has become the talk of the town. In an instant, the condition affects society especially those who are financially weak. At the same time, reviving the nation’s economy requires a lot of effort, moreover when the pandemic is still yet to end.

Departing from the current condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) expands the benefits of the newly launched Cheap Food Operation. In Bireuen, by taking place at the front yard of the Reagent Office’s Hall, the bazaar for half-priced quality food supply was carried out on Sunday (10/24/2021).

Alhamdulillah, Cheap Food Operation was held for the first time in Bireuen. With support from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI), the action ran smoothly. Hopefully, the food packages can help the beneficiaries. We ask for prayers and supports from the benefactors so that bigger actions can be wider and held again,” said Hidayat from ACT Lhoksumawe Program team.

Apart from Bireuen, Cheap Food Operation was also carried out in Mojokerto, Pancing Village, Bangsal District, Thursday (10/27/2021). The main target of recipients are residents whose economies are affected by the pandemic and are struggling to revive it.

“On behalf of Pacing Village residents, I welcome Cheap Food Operation and hope for this action to be continued in our village again. Hopefully, what has been given can be blessings for all of the benefactors,” said Mustaji, Head of Pacing Village.

Indeed, Cheap Food Operations is launched to welcome the new situation that is gradually returning to normal. With half of the normal price, it is hoped that residents who are now starting to revive their economy can access quality food at the best price.

Takmir of the Sabilul Huda Mosque, Kustiono said, Cheap Food Operation that was held at the mosque is also expected to be able to expand the function of the mosque which is not only for worship but also economic activities especially based on generosity.

Furthermore, Branch Manager of ACT Mojokerto, Wahyu Suliastianto Putro explains, Cheap Food Operation is an effort by ACT to provide quality food access at a quality price. Moreover, currently, while our economic activities have started to be back to normal, there is news of rising food prices in various regions.

“Cheap Food Operation is a program supported by people’s generosity. Therefore, every package that is sold at half-price has been subsidized with generosities. Meanwhile, the collected money will be used for other new acts of kindness,” Wahyu explained.[]