Cheap Food Operation to Solve Soaring Food Prices

Lately, the soars of food prices among the community make it difficult for people with unstable financial conditions. Therefore, ACT and its philanthropists come with their act of kindness called Cheap Food Operation.

Cheap Food Operation.
The distribution of Cheap Food Operation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – ACT continues to optimize the implementation of Cheap Food Operation in various regions. The quality and affordable food program is welcomed warmly by the community.

Cheap Food Operation has also been carried out in Benteng Somba Opu Village, Barombong District, Gowa, South Sulawesi on Wednesday (11/10/2021). The action was carried out by ACT South Sulawesi and targeted the congregants of Babussalam Lekobo’dong Mosque as the beneficiaries.

“Cheap Food Operation is a joint effort by the benefactors to provide cheap food access for underprivileged people in various regions,” said Firman from ACT South Sulawesi Program team.

Furthermore, still in Sulawesi, another action of Cheap Food Operation was also carried out by ACT Manado in the flood-prone settlement Mahawi Village, Tuminting District, Manado City on Tuesday (11/9/2021). People can purchase the food package half of the normal price.

In addition to Sulawesi Island, Cheap Food Operation has also been carried out in Manado, North Jakarta, and Bengkulu. According to Muhammad Syamsudin Mahu from ACT Maluku Program team, Cheap Food Operation is a relief for people with economic difficulty due to the pandemic as the decreasing cases of the Covid-19 can’t immediately recover the financial conditions of impoverished people.

“Lately, food prices have been soaring which becomes a test for the community, especially Maluku residents. It is because not only do they have to recover from the pandemic but they also must revive their lives after the previous earthquake,” said Syamsudin.[]