Child Volunteer Niko Sells Crackers to Own a House

Niko who is a five-grade elementary school student has been passionately working hard to own a house. The child has been working to help his parents who had almost been evicted from their rented house.

Niko the child volunteer.
Niko sells crackers by peddling around with his bicycle. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN – Hot weather didn’t dampen the spirit of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Pekalongan volunteers to share goodnesses. In early September, hundreds of meal packages were distributed in front of Walisongo Mosque, Pekalongan. The distribution targeted the congregants, daily workers, and impoverished residents in the area.

However, there was something special during the distribution that day. The team noticed a child volunteer who attended the distribution called Niko. With his small hands, Niko joined the other volunteers serving meal packages to the surrounding underprivileged people.

“I want to get a lot of rewards from Allah,” said Niko when he was asked about his reason for joining ACT’s action.

Maya, the coordinator of Kampung Berbagi (Sharing Village community) who collaborated with ACT in the action explains that Niko often helps her preparing dozens of food packages every time her community carries out a sharing event. Niko is known as a hard-working child. Despite his status as a five-grader, Niko has been struggling to earn a living.

Niko works as a cracker seller in Pekalongan. He peddles his merchandise on his bicycle after he gets back from school and his Quran learning activity until the Maghrib prayer time.

Although Niko already has to make a living, the child still passionately goes to school and being an active student in the class. (ACTNews)

Niko comes from an impoverished family. His mother and father work as a gallon seller and a driver with uncertain income. Therefore, their financial condition is still unstable. Furthermore, Niko and his parents were once almost kicked out of their home because they couldn't pay the rent. It turns out that the incident made an impression on Niko's mind and becomes the reason for him to work hard now.

“No one asked him to work. I prefer him to study diligently,” said Niko’s mother. Niko is also known to have a high spirit in learning. He is also an active student in his class.

From selling crackers, Niko hopes to be able to achieve his dream. He wants to own a house for his family and a cracker factory. Little by little, Niko continues to save his income into his piggy bank.[]