Children in Gaza in Need of Aid During Winter

With the advent of winter, children in Gaza are still in dire need of jackets, blankets, and sweatshirts to protect them from the cold.

Not all Gazan children have enough winter gears. The blockade has severely affected the economy of the Palestinian families, making it impossible for them to buy foods and clothing during winter (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - “My children wish the winter season never comes,” says Umm Yasser, who lives with her children and the rest of their family in a rundown house in Gaza, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Besides Umm Yasser, many other families in Gaza must spend the upcoming winter in suffering, as reported by Reliefweb.

“Winter is coming soon, and my anxiety and tension have increased. It is the season of suffering for me and my children because of the condition of our house,” Umm Yasser added.

Winter also means hardship for the family of Abu Ali. His home is nothing but a building with cracked walls, broken windows, and a roof patched from tin and asbestos sheeting. He lives there with 13 relatives. It’s impossible for this house to protect its inhabitants from rain and cold.

“We don’t have heating and rely on a wood fire to keep warm… this isn’t safe because I have small children and old parents who can inhale the bad fumes. But what can we do and how can we get warm when the rain soaks us every year?” Said Abu Ali who works as a farmer. Abu Ali's income depends only on the harvest season. In winter, he can hardly afford basic needs such as medicine and warm clothes.

The economic collapse of the Gaza community has prevented a number of families from meeting their needs in the winter. (ACTNews)

Winter brings hardship not only to Palestinian families, but also to education in Palestinian territories. Director of Emergency Committee at the Palestinian Ministry of Education Hatem Gaith said, this winter, the ministry is in need of maintenance for the classroom windows. According to Hatem, there are 113 schools in Gaza that need window maintenance.

In addition, students also need aid such as jackets, shoes, and umbrellas for easy access to school during winter. "The number of poor students in government schools is estimated to reach 90,000," Hatem said.

Hatem also hoped that the school fields that are often flooded during winter can be paved. so that students can go to school comfortably. Aside from pavement, they also need solar energy to light the classrooms during winter. []