Children in Kenya Difficult to Join the Tahfiz Program due to Lack of Al-Qur'an

Al-Qur’an copy assistance was given to several madrassas in Kenya as an effort to optimize the tahfiz program there.

Children in Kenya receive Al-Qur’an copies assistance with joy and gratitude. (ACTNews)
Children in Kenya receive Al-Qur’an copy assistance with joy and gratitude. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KENYA — Islam is a minority religion in Kenya. Based on a survey compiled by Statista in 2019, nearly 11 percent of Kenyans were Muslim. Their enthusiasm for learning about their religion has never diminished even though they are a minority there. 

Unfortunately, their spirit is not supported by adequate facilities. In Kwale County and Taita Teveta County, the number of Al-Qur’an copies owned by madrassas there is very limited. However, many children who want to take part in the tahfiz or Al-Qur’an memorization program tend to increase.

This Ramadan, ACT was trying to support the learning facilities for students in Kwale County and Taita Teveta County. The students received hundreds of Al-Qur’an copies from their brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

Alhamdulillah, we have distributed this assistance from April 22 to 26. A total of 500 Al-Qur’an copies have been distributed to several madrassas in Kenya, 230 Al-Qur’an copies in Kwale County, and 270 Al-Qur’an in Taita Taveta County,” said Amir Firdausi from ACT’s Global Humanity Response, Thursday (4/29/2021).

The children were happy when receiving the Al-Qur’an copies. They gathered together to lift the Al-Qur’an copies above their heads while reading several short surahs such as Al-Asr and An-Nas as a form of joy and gratitude.

Amir explained that with these Al-Qur’an copies assistance, children who wish to enroll in the tahfiz program did not have to worry about not getting the Al-Qur’an, because madrassas already had enough the Al-Qur’an copies for them, “The number of children who wish to enroll will automatically increase,” said Amir.

Furthermore, Amir said that the quality of Al-Qur’an copies that was given was very good so that it could help adults who also want to learn the Al-Qur’an. “Apart from the children, some adults there cannot read the Al-Qur’an because of the difficulty reading the text of the verses,” he said.[]