Cholil Nafis: Importance of Role of Muslim Preachers to Straighten Aqeedah During a Pandemic

The role of Muslim preachers during the pandemic is important. At this time, Muslim preachers must straighten the faith and convince the public regarding correct information, including about the pandemic and the importance of health protocols.

Cholil Nafis
Cholil Nafis (Left) conveys support for National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity. (ACTNews/Hafidh).

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The role of Muslim preachers during the pandemic is important because the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of speculation in the community. Much false news related to the pandemic has sprung up to scare the public.

Stakeholders must go the extra mile to convince the public that Covid-19 is real and dangerous. We can prevent being exposed to Covid-19 by living healthy and implementing health protocols. For this, all parties take a big role, including the preachers.

Cholil Nafis, Head of MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) for Preaching and Fraternity Sector, conveyed this at the launch of National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity at the MUI Headquarters, Wednesday (9/15/2021). Cholil also emphasized the importance of the role of Muslim Preachers in fostering the community's faith amid a pandemic.

"Telling the public that wearing a mask is worship because wearing a mask is to protect yourself and others," he said when interviewed by ACTNews.

Cholil Nafis continues, during the pandemic, not a few people considered the virus to be a punishment and a catastrophe. This creed needs to be straightened out by Muslim preachers so that residents can see this pandemic from the other side and do not forget that this pandemic is a trial from Allah.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) also encourages Indonesians to support preachers, especially those affected by the pandemic. It aims that they can continue to spread Islamic teaching without any obstacles.[]