Choosing Not to Beg, Karsih Struggles to Keep Her Shop Running

Karsih’s shop was almost closed due to having too little capital. Through the business capital assistance, she hoped to be able to develop her business.

Karsih serves buyers at her shop, Thursday (3/4/2021). Karsih's business was struggling to survive for having a little capital. (ACTNews / Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, BEKASI REGENCY – There were only a few items at Karsih (42)’s shop that is located on Jalan Raya Labansari. There were only a few spices, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and some fish available at her shop when ACTNews visited her shop.

Long before the flooding hit Labansari Village in Bekasi Regency in mid-February, the shop was already struggling to keep running. Despite being situated on the side of a busy road, Karsih’s shop had only a few buyers.

With only the business capital of only IDR 200,000, Karsih’s shop doesn’t have many things to sell. "I'm just making enough money for me to eat every day,” she said with teary eyes.

The flood severely affected Karsih’s business that was already on the brink of closure. She used the money she had left to fulfill basic needs. "Sometimes when I don’t make any profit, I don’t dare to use the money that is supposed to be for business capital to buy basic supplies. I’d rather use my husband’s money for that,” continued the mother of three children.

Karsih's husband worked as a tailor who peddles using a motorcycle. He, too, doesn’t earn much money. His earning is only enough to buy gasoline and food for the next two days. Karsih must be very clever in managing the money that her husband makes.

Choose to sell despite disability

Karsih has a mobility impairment that she has had since she was four. Her one leg is longer than the other. However, she chooses to work as a grocer rather than beg like some people with disabilities do.

Apart from groceries, she also sells snacks such as fried foods and soursop juice every Ramadan to make extra income.

 To appreciate Karsih’s hard work, Global Wakaf - ACT endeavors to help Karsih to develop her business by providing her with business capital through the Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses program.

Aryadian Maulana of Global Wakaf - ACT Bekasi Regency Program Department explained, Global Wakaf – ACT will not only provide business capital but also business mentoring to help her enterprise develop. "Insha Allah, Karsih's business will be fully supported with the help of the Generous Waqf Donors,” said Aryadian.

Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses is a program under the umbrella of the National Food Alms Movement initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap that aims to strengthen Indonesia’s food security. []