Ciracas Residents Strengthen Solidarity through Food Provision

During the pandemic, the residents of RW 01, Susukan Village, Ciracas, East Jakarta have been helping one another by buying groceries that they distribute every week to the needy.

Murniah, a resident of RT 04 RW 01 Susukan Administrative Village, one of the beneficiaries of the Food Alms Gathering. (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, EAST JAKARTA - Murniah (70) was queuing for the staple food available at the Food Alms Gathering Point at RW 01 Secretariat in Susukan Village, Ciracas District, East Jakarta. She was grateful for the free foodstuff distribution. She mentioned how the staples in her house had been running out.

"Alhamdulillah, I got eggs, sugar, and vegetable oil. Thank you. May you all blessed with abundant wealth and health,” she said after taking some staples from the Food Alms Shelf. Friday (11/10).

Living in a rented house with a child, she used to sell soft drinks to make a living. Sadly, she has stopped selling since the pandemic due to the decreasing buyers and her illnesses. She now relies on her child’s income.

Chairman of RW 01 Susukan Village, Ciracas District, East Jakarta Ahmad Jumhur. (ACTNews)

Just like Murniah, many of the residents in RW 01 are migrant families who came to Jakarta from other areas in Indonesia many years ago. They mainly work as merchants, employees, or motorcycle taxi drivers.

Head of RW 01 Ahmad Jumhur explained that, in the midst of this pandemic, some have been laid off by their workplaces. Hence, the Food Alms Gathering Point means to much as it assists the residents who have been dealing with financial problems.

The staple food packages also reached the residents of the flat in RW 01. Jumhur said the free foodstuffs were provided by the local community for the community assisted by Aksi Cepat Tanggap East Jakarta.

Every Friday, coordinated by the Family Welfare Program (PKK) members, the local residents buy foodstuffs to be placed at the Food Alms Gathering Point. Each beneficiary family can come to take the foodstuffs they need.

The heads of RW 01 and the PKK came up with the name Jumat Suci (Sacred Friday) for the Food Alms Gathering program at their neighborhood. "Friday was a blessed day. Suci also means clean, reflecting the clean intentions of the residents who are willing to share. It also stands for “Susukan-Ciracas”, the name of our administrative village,” said Jumhur.

Besides the one in Susukan Village, there are five other Food Alms Gathering Points in East Jakarta. ACT East Branch Manager Nurhijrah Muhammad hoped that the sense of self-reliance and solidarity will also radiate from other Food Alms Gathering Points in East Jakarta. "We hope, the solidarity and enthusiasm of the residents in RW 01, Susukan Village can be emulated by residents in other areas," he stated. []