Citra Never Gives Up Amid Changing Conditions

Because of the pandemic, Citra’s family has been looking for ways to support her family. Citra has been running a snack stall for 10 years. Citra’s husband, who previously work at a tourist resort, now works as a crew in a fishing ship.

Citra runs her snack stall on Friday (10/9). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Citra (29) now relies on the snack stall that she has been running for ten years. People used to come to enjoy some snacks or light meals at her stall that is located around the Kali Adem Pier, Pluit Village, Penjaringan District, North Jakarta.

"Now it's a bit quiet. Previously, on busy days, I can make IDR 200,000 a day. Now I earn around half of it, sometimes less. It’s been difficult to make ends meet, let alone to pay for clean water and electricity bill,” said Citra on Friday (10/9).

Citra's family’s livelihood has wakened since her husband was laid off from his job at a tourism resort that gas been temporarily closed. Citra's husband is now a crew member in a local fishing ship.

"My husband has been at the sea since June. Previously, he was a construction worker. His job was taking out debris from the building site. It has been very different. I used to have a weekly income, Now, I have to wait for three months before my husband brings home some money. Hence, we rely on this stall for our daily needs,” explained Citra.