Civilians in Gaza Struggle to Survive

Even a one-year-old girl in Gaza has learnt to immediately hide when air raids happen

Civilians in Gaza Struggle to Survive' photo
Children in Gaza live in dire condition. Humanitarian aid can at least rekindle their spirit. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – “Childhood in Gaza is a very real nightmare involving poisoned water, hunger, fear and endless air attack,” wrote Majed Abusalama in his opinion that he wrote on Al-Jazeera.

Majed told the story about his one-year-old niece, Ela'a, has learnt to hurry and hide behind a chair or under a table whenever she hears an explosion caused by an Israeli air raid. 

Life in Gaza was never easy after the six-day war in 1967. Until now, Gazans live in various limitations. The UN says Gaza is uninhabitable by 2020. There’s only a little electricity in Gaza, and 97 percent of the water sources in Gaza are contaminated. Gaza has turned into a battleground with many civilians killed and injured.

In November, airstrikes targeted Gaza once again, hitting eight areas in Gaza and killing 17. It is not easy to improve the conditions in Gaza. Every effort to help the Gazans survive really matters.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partner in Gaza, Jomah al Najjar visited one of the homes of victims of Israeli air strikes in Rafah, Gaza. While delivering aid from Indonesian benefactors, Jomah saw firsthand the condition of the civilians who now have no place to live.

"Thousands of houses were damaged and even destroyed. Many public services in Gaza were also destroyed by the attack in early November," said Jomah. The humanitarian assistance from Indonesian donors who directly channeled to the victims was much appreciated, said Jomah.

He also reported from one of the ruined houses. "The house of one of the residents that we met was destroyed on the second day of the attack. His family of 11 must survive without shelter. Humanitarian assistance such as blankets, food, and kitchen utensils can help them to survive, "said Jomah. Along with two million other residents of Gaza, he still has to continue struggling without knowing when they will win. []