Clean Water Crisis, Residents of Gresik Rely on Clean Water Aid

The people of Gresik, East Java, can now only rely on water from lakes and clean water distribution for their daily needs. Economic difficulties have made purchasing clean water too difficult.

Clean Water Crisis, Residents of Gresik Rely on Clean Water Aid' photo

ACTNews, GRESIK - Cerme Subdistrict in Gresik, East Java is one of the areas worst affected by the dry season in 2019. That Subdistrict is regularly hit by drought every year. Now, its residents are forced to use lake water to meet their daily water needs.

Apart from the lake, the residents also use water from the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM). However, not all areas have been reached by the water from PDAM, such as in Terongbangi Hamlet, Kandangan Village, Cerme Subdistrict. The pipeline from PDAM has not reached the hamlet.

Qith no other water sources available, local residents rely on rivers and rain-fed ponds. Unfortunately, due to extreme drought, rivers and rain-fed reservoirs have also dried up.

Another solution is to buy water for IDR 3,000 for 19 liters of water. In a week, they usually spend 7-8 drums. They have to spend IDR 24,000 each week, too expensive for most of the local residents who work as farmers. With only a low income, they live in an underprivileged economic condition.

Seeing this condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) sent clean water assistance to this region. Dipo Hadi as Head of ACT East Java’s Program team, said that the conditions in Terongbangi are very alarming because of the drought. "They really need water assistance in this dry season," he explained, Thursday (8/29).

Thousands of liters of clean water were sent to Terongbangi, Thursday (8/29). Many residents lined up to get the water. In fact, they come from surrounding villages. "We are committed to continuing to send clean water to areas affected by severe drought such as Terongbangi," Dipo added.

Usman, a resident of Terongbangi, said that water assistance was very much expected by the residents. "Thousands of liters can be stored up for the next 3 days," said Usman.

Previously, the East Java Regional Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) stated that Gresik Regency was one of the regencies in East Java that experience the worst drought. There are 62 villages in 8 subdistricts suffering from the clean water crisis.

ACT East Java continues to raise public awareness to help overcome the drought in East Java. In addition to the clean water distribution program, ACT also has the Waqf Well Program to deal with drought. []