Clean Water Distributed to Alleviate Drought in Bima

The drought that hit Bima Regency has forced the local residents to look for water in the neighboring villages.

ACTNews, BIMA - Not only in Lombok, the drought that hit West Nusa Tenggara also hit other regencies. One of them is Bima Regency, especially in Palibelo Subdistrict. Since early August, the locals have felt the impact of the drought. The water volume in many of the artesian wells began to drastically decrease. Some of them even dried up.

Burhanudin, one of the local officials of Ragi Village, Palibelo Subdistrict said that the local residents are currently suffering from clean water crisis. Many residents have to search for water to the neighboring villages because the water supply in their villages is decreasing.

"Our village is located on a highland, so the residents must go down the mountain to the neighboring villages which have clean water sources," he explained, Tuesday (8/27).

Since Tuesday (8/27), the residents in Ragi Village have begun to receive clean water assistance. This water was sent by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) assisted by the Disaster Preparedness Youth Organization, the Bima Social Service, and the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Greater Bima. A total of 5,000 liters of clean water were distributed to three hamlets affected by drought every day.

The water is taken from the Bima Regency Regional Drinking Water Company to ensure its quality and cleanliness.

Chairman of MRI Bima Raya Khairul Juhdi said that the clean water assistance is enough to relieve the residents. Ragi Village is one of the villages affected by drought, especially the neighborhoods that are located on higher ground. "The clean water aid is used for cooking and laundry. For other purposes, some of the local residents take water from their relatives' houses in the neighboring villages where water is still available," he explained.

Head of ACT NTB Lalu Muhammad Alfian revealed, the distribution of clean water that ACT did was an effort to ease the burden on the community in the dry season. The high water prices and difficult economic conditions are the main reason behind this regular water aid distribution. "The water distribution will continue during the dry season. Not only in West Nusa Tenggara, ACT also sends clean water to residents affected by drought in all regions of Indonesia," he said. []