Collaborating with ACT, Ajinomoto Presents Thousands of Healthy and Nutritious Iftar Packages in Medan, Surabaya, and Jakarta

These meal packages ready-to-eat food were distributed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Humanity Food Truck and Humanity Food Bus with the support from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA which is running the Bijak Garam campaign. The dishes were specially prepared by Ajinomoto’s nutritionists.

ACT and PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA distributed a total of 3,300 packages of healthy and nutritious food packages for iftar. (ACT News)

ACTNews, MEDAN, SURABAYA, JAKARTA – The holy month of Ramadan is a beautiful moment for sharing. PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) as one of the leading producers of seasonings that cares about the health and environmental issues, participated in a humanitarian program as a form of concern for about the nutritional intake and health of scavengers who are heroes striving for the cleanliness of our environment.

In collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Ajinomoto gave away a total of 3,300 packages of nutritious meals for iftar. The distribution took place on Wednesday (4/13/2022) for the scavengers at Terjun Landfill in Medan, on Monday (4/18/2022) in Genderuwo Village in Surabaya, and on Wednesday (4/20/22) in Kalibaru Fisherman Village in North Jakarta.

The meal packages were delivered directly by ACT’s Humanity Food Truck and Humanity Food Bus. "In this auspicious month that is full of blessings, today Ajinomoto is inviting our colleagues from the media to share healthy iftar dishes with our brothers and sisters," said Grant Senjaya as Head of the Public Relations Department of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

These iftar packages were distributed by the Humanity Food Truck and Humanity Food Bus. (ACT News)

All iftar dishes were cooked using the recipes on the Dapur Umami website that are specially prepared by Ajinomoto’s nutritionists as part of Ajinomoto’s Bijak Garam (Salt Wisely) campaign. On that occasion, several media colleagues who were invited to share the iftar dishes also tasted the low salt but delicious food.

Through the Bijak Garam campaign that Ajinomoto is currently running, Ajinomoto wants to educate the public about the importance of a low-salt diet and invite Indonesian families to live healthier lives by reducing the intake or use of salt in food processing.

"Today's activity, apart from being a manifestation of Ajinomoto's care in the month of Ramadan, is also one of Ajinomoto's ways to introduce the Bijak Garam campaign which is Ajinomoto's initiative in increasing the healthy life expectancy of the Indonesian people," said Grant. []