Collaboration Global Wakaf and ZIS Rohis Lintasarta Empower Dozens of MSMEs in Jakarta Once Again

Through Waqf for the MSME program, Global Wakaf-ACT and ZIS Lintasarta targeted 26 MSMEs spread across Central and South Jakarta in this second collaboration.

Waqf for the MSME
Waqf for the MSME program motivates beneficiaries through training and business assistance. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Global Wakaf-ACT, in collaboration with ZIS Lintasarta, has again assisted MSME owners through the Waqf for MSME program. This time, the Waqf for MSME program will benefit 26 people spread across four urban centers in Central Jakarta: Kebon Melati Village, Bendungan Hilir, Senen and Serdang, and Kemang Village in South Jakarta.

"Before assisting in early March, Global Wakaf-ACT, in collaboration with ZIS Lintasarta, conducted an assessment and verification directly at the prospective beneficiaries' business location and residence. We will provide this assistance in two stages," On Wednesday (4/6/2022), Adit from the Global Wakaf-ACT Team stated.

After the program has been running for two months, the team will give capital business assistance for the first phase. The second phase will be given after monitoring and evaluation. The team carried out both stages to assess the business progress and commitment of the beneficiaries to this program.

Global Wakaf-ACT, in collaboration with ZIS Lintasarta, also offers intensive assistance to the beneficiaries. Fatiyah explained that the team and companion offer to mentor in two ways: group assistance every two weeks and individual assistance once a month for all beneficiaries.

"Three values are applied during the mentoring process: spiritual motivation, character development, and business management. Hopefully, MSME owners will have the enthusiasm to increase business turnover and have a generous entrepreneurial spirit. They can use their business to increase charity and be able to join congregations to become individuals with good morals," Adit explained.

The companion will teach financial records, cost of goods sold calculation, marketing, and employee management. The companion also teaches the significance of obligatory worship, regularly giving charity to pay zakat, and enthusiasm and motivation to live life.

This is the second year of the Global Wakaf-ACT collaboration with Zis Rohis Lintasarta to help MSMEs. In 2021, 25 MSME owners received business capital and assistance. It allowed them to improve their standard of living as expected. "Hopefully, the program's benefits will increase and be more beneficial. Hence, those common goals can be realized," Adit hoped. []