Comfortable House Construction for Grandma Hawa is Completed

After a month of construction, ACT has completed the new house for Grandma Hawa (79) and her son, Sanusi (45) who are an underprivileged family from Central Bangka. In addition, ACT also provided home furniture and business capital to empower their economic condition.

House renovation.
Grandma Hawa (in the wheelchair) and her son, Sanusi in front of their new house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL BANGKA – It has been 20 years that the 79 years old Grandma Hawa has to endure the pain after the accident she experienced. Her legs are now bent due to the accident. As a result, she can’t do many activities amid her family’s financial difficulty. To meet her daily needs, she can only rely on her son, Sanusi (45), who works odd jobs.

Grandma Hawa and Sanusi live in Cambai Village, Central Bangka. Both were living in an inhabitable house. There was a small renovation yet didn’t cover the whole part of the house. However, they still have to live there due to economic limitations.

Now, their condition has been much better. Renovation on Grandma Hawa’s and Sanusi’s house since a month ago has finally been completed. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) renovated their house with the collected money from the benefactors. In addition to the house renovation, various kinds of furniture were also provided by ACT to support their lives.

“The assistance was an effort to help Grandma Hawa and her son having a more comfortable lifes,” explained Raffles Gordon from ACT Bangka Program team, Monday (9/20/2021).

Happiness was seen through the faces of Grandma Hawa and Sanusi the first time they saw their fully renovated house. “Alhamdulillah, we are very happy to be able to live in this more comfortable house. Thank you so much to the benefactors,” said Sanusi.

In the future, assistance for both of them will be continued with business capital assistance to revive their family’s economic condition.[]