Commemorating Nakba Day in Silence

This year’s Nakba Day commemoration is relatively silent compared to the previous years due to the global pandemic. However, the Palestinians are voicing their opinions through official statements and speeches.

A Palestinian flag flying on Nakba Day. (EPA / Abir Sultan)

ACTNews, WEST BANK - This year, Palestinians commemorate Nakba Day in silence amid global pandemic and lockdown. There is no demonstration held to remember the day when thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homeland. To mark the commemoration, however, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas made an official statement broadcasted on local TV stations, Wednesday (5/13).

“Those who created our catastrophe wanted Palestine to be land without people or territories and were betting that the name of Palestine would be erased from the records of history,” Abbas, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

According to Abbas, they practiced the ugliest conspiracies, pressures, massacres and liquidation projects, the latest being the so-called Deal of the Century to achieve their goals.

“Despite all the obstacles, and despite all the aggressive occupation policies, measures and violations, we are proceeding with confident steps towards the restoration of our full rights and the removal of this hateful occupation,” said Abbas

Members of the Haganah, one of the Jewish paramilitary forces, expelling Palestinians from Haifa City on May 12, 1948. (AFP)

The Palestine Embassy in Indonesia also issued an official statement. Currently, about half of the total Palestinian population has been displaced. Around 23% now live within former Palestinian borders. They continue to fight for their right to return home.

"Under international law, all individuals have the right to return. The right to return guarantees all individuals the fundamental right to return to their homeland, also referred to as their place of origin, each time they are displaced due to circumstances beyond their control. Palestinian refugees in 1948 have the right to return to their original home in what is now Israel," wrote the Palestine Embassy  in a release.

The Day of Nakba, an Arabic word for “disaster” or “catastrophe”, marks the day when 700,000 Arab Palestinians were expelled from their homeland during the formation of Israel in 1948. They sought refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Many of them are without citizenship. The Palestinians remember the moment every year on May 15.

At the 2019 Nakba Day commemoration, Israel attacked thousands of Palestinians on Gaza-Israel border. In the incident, Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) noted, 144 Palestinians were injured, 49 of them were children. Gaza Health Ministry reported that 65 people were injured, including 15 people who were shot. Among the injured, 22 were children and 3 were paramedics. []