Commemorating the 54th Anniversary of Palestinian Revolution

Commemorating the 54th Anniversary of Palestinian Revolution

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Happiness was seen glowing on the faces of young Palestinians who were dancing the traditional Levantine dance of Dabke. Coming all the way from their country, they were immersed in joy during the Palestine Culture Night attended also by famous Palestinian folk singer Numan Al-Jalmawi. The event entitled “Cultural Night and 54th Commemoration of Palestinian Revolution was held on Wednesday (2/27) in Grha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. This event was also attended by Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al-Shun.

Not only to strengthen the bond between the two countries, the celebration also aims to celebrate a day that means so much for the people of Palestine. The Palestinian Revolution Day is the second most important National Day after the Day of Independence. “It is a basis of our national day, the day that we consider most important after the Day of Independence,” stated Al-Shun, Wednesday (2/27).

Through the art performances during that cultural night, the Palestinian Embassy aims to show the how the Palestinians have been struggling for their freedom.

“The people of Palestine are still struggling for their freedom, and we make sure that we will keep struggling until Palestine become a free country with Al-Quds as its capital,” said Al-Shun.

Through moment like this cultural night, the Palestinians commemorate their struggle and strengthen their spirit to continue struggling against the Zionists. Al-Shun stated that the Palestinian Revolution in 1965 is a stepping stone for the awakening of the Palestinian identity. “This moment changed the problem of Palestine from refugee crisis to a national political agenda to return the right of the Palestinians for self-determination,” he added.

Currently, the Palestinians are still struggling in their own country, especially through the Great March of Return. Al-Shun stated that it is a massive nationwide movement.

“It is the struggle of the Palestinians against Israel’s occupation. Such struggle has been our daily routine in West Bank, the Gaza Strip and all Palestinian territories. The call for freedom is also voiced by the Palestinian Diaspora. This is the strategy of the people of Palestine free themselves from occupation,” said Al-Shun, Friday (2/27).

Asad Hammouda, a Palestinian journalist taking part in a roadshow across Indonesian cities entitled “Indonesia Saves Palestine”, told Aksi Cepat Tanggap that the Great March of Return is a symbol and a way of the Palestinians’ struggle for their rights.

For over five decades, the people of Palestine have been fighting for their total independence. Their struggle continues despite humanitarian crises that afflict them. []



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